Saturday, December 31, 2016

Totino's Chipotle Blasted Crust BBQ Seasoned Chicken Rolls

Got it at Jack's World for $1.29 per pack; bought 4 of them. Great BBQ flavor with a spicy kick to it. Loved it.

Mrs. Renfro's Hot Habanero Salsa

Found this branded salsa over at National Wholesale Liquidator for $1.49 on clearance. Tried it with Dollar Tree corn chips and had mixed feelings about it; the salsa was tasty but was seriously hot. I had to drink a good amount of water to compensate for the hotness. Probably would but it again for same price.

Odesskiy Brand Orange Nectar

Found this nectar/juice outside on Brighton Beach "food clearance table" for $0.79. It was expired for a while, but this didn't deter me from purchasing a carton. Sweet, pleasant flavor. Would buy it again.

Crider Chicken Bologna

Found this product over at Dollar Tree for $1 and this is the best bologna that I ever had; very delicate and has the right amount of salt to it. Bought 10+ cans later and then some. I recommend this bologna if you like bologna meat.

Pampa Lightly Smoked Herring Fillets in Oil

Very blandish and almost unsalted herring fillets. Wouldn't buy them again.

Flint Red Caviar Snack Croutons

Found these at NetCost Market Russian store for $0.59. Pleasant croutons with okay flavor. Nothing special, just okay flavor.

PhillySwirl Cotton Candy SwirlStix

I had many coupons for the PhillySwirl Ice cream but could only find them at Dollar Tree for $1, so I bought a box. Flavor is okay, but the sweeter is very artificial one, almost like a diet version, somewhat not pleasant. I ate them all, but wouldn't buy these again.