Friday, March 28, 2014

Domino's Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

It was okay other than the feta cheese that I don't like [I had to scratch some of it off, whatever I could with a napkin]. This sandwich goes between $6.99 and $7.49 in Manhattan, depending on location.

Stewart's Orange 'n Cream Soda

Perfectly balanced orange cream soda. Smooth, quality [almost Fanta-like] orange flavor with vanilla cream tone to it. I like it. The price was $1.25 at some hindu dollar plus store.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lyfe Kitchen Farmer's Market Frittata

I got this frozen frittata at Jack's 99c store for $1.29, but most of the places [including Target] sell this frittata for $4.99. The preparation is easy and pretty straightforward. Everything was great until I tasted this frittata; it tastes like an old, musty sponge that was soaked in salsa verde and cilantro. It barely had any taste to it other than cilantro, so after second bite I was done with it and sent it down the toilet. Maybe it tastes great by the earth-lovers and eco-lovers standards, but to me this stuff is just awful.

Euphoria Canned Tomatoes

Decent, semi-sweet tomatoes that were pickled with garlic and dill. A bit soft, rather than my preference of firm-ish tomatoes, but still not bad.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Popeyes 3 Of A Kind $3.99 Deal

Fried chicken wings are my favorite parts of the chicken, and Popeyes wings are some of the best chain restaurant wings there is, too bad that the biscuit is kinda factored into the price, otherwise, I would have preferred much better deal for $3.00 without the biscuit.

Ascania Tarhun

Smells like tarhun but tastes like carbonated sugar water. Very weak tarragon taste that leaves cloying sweet aftertaste in the mouth. Fine carbonation. I don't like this one.

Noodle Bowl with Shrimp, Beef and Pork from the Casino

Someone that I know gave me this noodle bowl from the local casino [that is near the JFK airport]. It was kinda slightly above the mediocre taste, because it was cold, but I reheated it in the microwave oven and the flavor went up a notch. In addition to noodles, there are shrimps, pork strips, beef strips, scrambled eggs pieces, pepper slices [red and green] and some green shit.

Egg Omelet Pastry

I got this egg omelet pastry at the local supermarket for $0.99 and it tastes pretty good: kind of delicate crust and tasty filling/egg, but only 1 pastry is not really enough for me.I visited the supermarket at least 7 times and they never have it in stock.

Burger King French Fries

Decent french fries that taste much better than the Satisfries, but inferior to McDonald's french fries.

Ocean Spray 100% Pink Grapefruit Juice

Pretty good grapefruit juice that is drinkable and not too bitter. I enjoyed it.

Del Monte Lite Mixed Fruit

Pretty decent canned fruit dessert. Not too sweet and I would agree that it is kind of light.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

RC Cola

I got this bottle of RC Cola in a big Russian store on Neck Road for $1.00. RC Cola is pretty much non-existent for sale in NYC area, and this is the only place that I have seen it and had to buy it since I never tried it before. It tastes different from Pepsi and Coca-Cola, but nonetheless tastes like cola soda that can be be consumed without regrets. The tastes is similar to generic soda but doesn't really feels like a generic cola. It just different flavor of cola and I like it; I would rather drink RC Cola than Pepsi. 

Goldrush Spicy Smokie Beef Stick

Got this meat stick for $0.50 at Jack's 99c store. It tastes differently from the likes of Slim Jim and Jack Link's; its tender and has no soy filler. The spiciness is really mild and the next day I went back to get some more, but they were all sold-out.

Milka Milkinis

Tastes really good: kinda similar to Kinder Surprise, at least the milk chocolate part. I think I got it for around $1.80 on sale a while ago.

Rip It Power Energy Drink

Tastes okay for $1.00. Not really Monster or Red Bull flavor, but kinda decent for a budget energy drink.

Monday, March 17, 2014

BBQ Chicken Pizza from Pizza Daddy

Priced at $3.50 and it tastes much better than their regular slice, but I would rather prefer the BBQ sauce to be under or even mixed with cheese than on top.

Mother's Maid Apple Cherry Juice

It tastes much better than regular apple juice. Too bad that someone gave me only 1 bottle and they don't sell this kind of juice in stores in my area.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chernogolovki Cream Soda

Decent cream soda with a hint of lemon and sourish apple. Only bad side is that it goes flat quickly due to extra fine carbonation.

Double Chicken Rodeo Sandwich from Burger King

$2.00 [plus tax]. Tastes much better than the regular chicken sandwich due to the sweet BBQ sauce and extra onion rings.