Saturday, December 31, 2016

Totino's Chipotle Blasted Crust BBQ Seasoned Chicken Rolls

Got it at Jack's World for $1.29 per pack; bought 4 of them. Great BBQ flavor with a spicy kick to it. Loved it.

Mrs. Renfro's Hot Habanero Salsa

Found this branded salsa over at National Wholesale Liquidator for $1.49 on clearance. Tried it with Dollar Tree corn chips and had mixed feelings about it; the salsa was tasty but was seriously hot. I had to drink a good amount of water to compensate for the hotness. Probably would but it again for same price.

Odesskiy Brand Orange Nectar

Found this nectar/juice outside on Brighton Beach "food clearance table" for $0.79. It was expired for a while, but this didn't deter me from purchasing a carton. Sweet, pleasant flavor. Would buy it again.

Crider Chicken Bologna

Found this product over at Dollar Tree for $1 and this is the best bologna that I ever had; very delicate and has the right amount of salt to it. Bought 10+ cans later and then some. I recommend this bologna if you like bologna meat.

Pampa Lightly Smoked Herring Fillets in Oil

Very blandish and almost unsalted herring fillets. Wouldn't buy them again.

Flint Red Caviar Snack Croutons

Found these at NetCost Market Russian store for $0.59. Pleasant croutons with okay flavor. Nothing special, just okay flavor.

PhillySwirl Cotton Candy SwirlStix

I had many coupons for the PhillySwirl Ice cream but could only find them at Dollar Tree for $1, so I bought a box. Flavor is okay, but the sweeter is very artificial one, almost like a diet version, somewhat not pleasant. I ate them all, but wouldn't buy these again.

Famous Amps Bite Size Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious and somewhat addictive bite size cookies. I prefer the plain chocolate chip ones, but these double chocolate chip ones are great too. Can;t go wrong with them.

Eden's Kitchen Choice Pineapple Slices in Light Syrup

Not as good as Dole or Del Monte, but not bad for a generic pineapple slices, and the quantity for $1 bring it as a good value.

Celeste Zesty 4 Cheese Pizza

This is probably my favorite out of  the lineup of Celeste brand of frozen pizzas. The zesty seasoning really add up the flavor to a blandish pizza.

Azul Coconut Juice

Tastes like very sweet water. I don't like it.

Dan-D Pak Honey Peanuts

Decent honey peanuts from Dollar Tree. Sweet but not salty; I like it when they are sweet and salty.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Krave Black Cherry Barbecue Seasoned Pork Jerky

Got this pack along with several other flavors of Krave jerky over at Walgreen on their "Last Chance" clearance for $2.79, about 2-3 weeks before 2016 Rio Olympics. The regular price was around $7-$8, so for under $3 for 3.25oz it was a sure-buy for me. The jerky was very enjoyable with softer pork meat [beef jerky has rougher to chew meat, even with the fattier cuts] and the sweet flavor to go along, it was a real pleasure eating this jerky. I loved it, but the only downside is the premium standard price. I've could've ate 2 more packs of these, to a total of 3, in a single snack session.

Small Town Brewery's Not Your Father's Root Beer

Got a bottle of this hard root beer for under $3.00 at Stop and Shop if I remember right, over a half a year ago. Too sweet and cloying, almost syrupy; had to cut with water and ice. Not bad thereafter but the alcohol presence and buzz-kick was almost null. I think that the manufacturer could take another look into the formula of this root beer.

Turkey Hill Diet Blackberry Sweet Tea

Another clearance beverage here; this time its a diet flavored sweet tea. I periodically keep an eye on the jugged tea bottles' dates so I could snag them on clearance, and this was the right time for me to buy this bottle. Its a fairly pleasant diet sweet tea, with a reasonable addition of blackberry flavor to it. I bought several Turkey Hill tea products before and to tell the truth, I think that they are a little bit more pleasant than the AriZona tea. The diet sweetener is not that bad in this tea, but there is a trade-off of flavor with every diet, but it could've been worse; some diet sweeteners could be awful. Good product. I like it. I'd buy it again, especially for  a dollar.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Old El Paso Carne Asada Steak Bowl

Not a fan of rice [other than Pork Fried Rice at the local Chinese place] and the fancy "black beans" and greens so I tried a bit, wasn't to my taste like expected it to be, then picked out the meat and threw the rest out. The only good thing about this is that the price was $1.29.

Chef Boyardee Chicken Alfredo

The pasta was blandish as well as low flavor to the sauce, that hinted on artificial ingredients. It was okay but I didn't like it much. Another thing is that I didn't have time for that; I did, but who does that?! Fuck that shit, but I'd probably eat it again, if I had no other choice. Its okay.