Sunday, December 31, 2017

Marie Callender's Slow Roasted Beef

$2.00 over at Stop  & Shop on sale. Good stuff other than carrots. Nice beef cuts, average mashed potatoes and some beans; for $2.00 its aight. 2 or 3 of these packs and you got yourself a belly-packing dinner.

Campbell's Kitchen Classics Chicken Noodle Soup

$1.00 at Dollar Tree. Much tastier than their original chicken noodle soup that you gotta mix with water. Other than carrots, I enjoyed this soup. Bought 4 more cans later on. This was sold during the late summer in my area.

Mtn Dew Game Fuel Arctic Burst

$1.49 plus deposit and tax at Jack's World store. Refreshing and slightly different version of Mtn Dew. They used to have it in stock back in October, but no more these days.

Mets Grand Slam Classic Original Steak Snacks

$1.99 at Jack's World store. Average beef jerky snack. Nothing special other than $1.99 price.

Brim's Hot Crunchy Cheese Curls

$1.00 at Dollar Tree. Pretty good heat for this kind of cheese curls. Over time you will need a drink to quench the heat.

Switzer's Chewy Watermelon Twists

$1.00 plus tax at Dollar Tree. Pretty good alternative for Twizzlers that doesn't taste cheap.