Sunday, June 22, 2014

Limited Edition Mountain Dew Baja Blast

Taco Bell's exclusive Mountain Dew flavor is now available in stores for a limited time! I waited for this Baja Blast ever since it was announced on in advance, but it took a while for it to get to the stores in NYC area [none of the nearby store in Brooklyn have it]. It tastes pretty good, even awesome, if you pair it with certain foods like pizza, Doritos and chicken taquitos. So far I bought 10 bottles of these. I've seen these 20oz Baja Blast bottles for sale in 7-Eleven, Walgreens [14th Street/Union Square], Kmart [MSG location, near the register line on lower level], grocery store [near DiFara pizza] and at main location of Jack's World store. This flavor of Mountain Dew also comes in 12-pack cans, but I yet have to find it. Awesome soda to have in a bottle, and I even tried it mixed with Mountain Dew Code Red! But thats a whole different post, so stay tuned!

Cinnabon Classic Cinnabon

I got it at the Kings Plaza Mall when I was there, and to my surprise the price for it did not go above $5.00 for at least 8 years. It tastes great, and I it went down really quickly. Too bad I did not buy 2 of these. The center part is my favorite part, they sell it separately, but I have yet to try it by itself.

Premium Chunk Chicken with Ketchup

This one is from 2008, when I tried dieting: the chicken was okay by itself other than being a bit bland, so I used some ketchup as a dip to give some flavor to the chicken.

Pork Kebab from Brighton Beach Avenue Food Table

Pretty good pork kebab for $3.00 at the food table where I usually buy the stuffed pirozhki. The meat was not dry, with no fat deposits, it was well-seasoned and well-cooked, but it probably sat pretty much in-the-open for several hours. I was offered for it to be microwaved, but I declined since I was hungry and rushing. They could have added at least 1 more kebobi piece to the skewer, but I did not regret buying it anyway. Something like this at a Russian restaurant would go for $5-$6, so I was content with the price.

Burger King's Original Spicy Chicken Sandwich


Got 2 of these sandwiches for the price of 1 with coupon, at $4.49 plus tax. Pretty much a double spicy chicken sandwich. Nothing special or good about it: average spicy chicken patty, mediocre amount of mayo and lettuce, which was not fresh. Will not buy this sandwich again: mediocre item at overpriced price.

Domino's Parmesan Bread Bites

These taste like miniature garlic knots: good quality dough, just right amount of Parmesan cheese and decent garlic taste to them. I don't remember how much this 16-piece bag was, but I am pretty sure it was the cheapest non-drink item on the Domino's menu. Next time I will get the 32-piece bag of these. If you want the dipping sauce then it will be extra money for it.

Costco's Very Berry Sundae

Pretty good sundae cup in terms of taste: with plenty of strawberries-in-sauce that came from container that had this strawberry sauce caked on top of container. Good ice cream too: better than McDonald's but slightly not as good as Wendy's. The price is very good with this one: under $2.00. It was a bit too much for me in one sitting, so I put it in the freezer and finished it off later on in the evening. It can easily feed 2 people from 1 cup.

Nathan's Philly Cheesesteak

I had a bunch of Nathan's coupons and as of me writing this text right now, I pretty much used them all [other than Buffalo Wings and Crispy Chicken Sandwich], and this Philly cheesesteak is by far the best-tasting and best value [with coupon] item that they have available over at Nathan's [on Coney Island, that the closest one to me]. It took them around 8-10 minutes to make it, and once I unwrapped it, it was very hot, so I had to wait around 5 minutes before I could bite into it. The sandwich is pretty good [not the best] but very tasty: it had plenty of meat, good amount of cheese and likewise of onions, peppers but not enough of mushrooms [in my opinion]. I bought 2 of these in total, on 2 separate occasions and this is "the item" to get at Nathan's: forget their average hot dogs; their cheesesteak sandwich is the thing.

Lunch Special BBQ Spare Rib Tips with Pork Fried Rice and Chicken Noodle Soup

My favorite pork fried rice, with a bunch of BBQ spare rip tips and a soup! - all for under $7.00 [don't remember the exact price], but its only available from 11am to 3pm. Very good value for the amount of tasty food.

Ramen Soup with Sausage

Just a chicken cup noodle ramen soup with thick baby bologna sausage pieces in it.

Kebabs and Fries

Grandpa brought this kebab container from the Russian restaurant, and I was hungry, so I gave it a go. Pretty average quality kebabs with average quality french fries; everything was out of the fridge, but it wasn't bad: was not great either, but it was tasty.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gorton's Beer Battered Fish Fillets

I got this bag of beer battered fish fillets at the Deals store for $5.00 and a local supermarket sells the same bags of fillet for $8.99, so it was a no-brainer for me. The fillets are pretty good in terms of taste [and smell]: pretty tender cuts of fish with juice/grease that develops from the thermal process in the oven. The only downside is that the batter outsides stick to the cooking surface [aluminum in my case]. I tried greasing the aluminum pizza dish with oil, but the battered sides get stuck on the dish at random: some turn okay and some not. Really convenient to have a bag laying in the freezer.

French Meat from Smart Cost Market

Sometimes I get this "French Meat" patties at the Smart Cost Market's deli section. The meat is soft, tender and slightly juicy. The best part is the cheese topping with mayo sandwiches underneath it and the meat, plus the onions and mushroom slices. The price per piece/patty is under $1.50.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

America's Choice Cola

I got this cola at PathMark 5 days ago since I was at Target in Downtown Brooklyn, and PathMark was across the street, so since I was there, I had to check what they had at PathMark. They did not have any worthy sales or specials for the soda last week, so I kept an eye on their store brand sodas. I tried pretty much everything under their America's Choice brand other than cola and their Tom Colins mix in 1L bottles. Several months ago, I began to notice that America's Choice brand was having a facelift to more friendly and modern logo and label graphics, so I picked this 2L cola for $0.98 plus deposit and tax. Once I got home, I refrigirated the bottle and gave it a try. This is by far the best generic/store-brand cola that I every had: it does not tastes cheap and has pretty good and stable carbonation. Its no Coca-Cola, but its sure a worthy alternative to it: the flavor is cola, but not generic or sweet as Pepsi, the carbonation is as good as Coca-Cola's or Pepsi's, and it tastes pretty decent when it went flat on the 3rd day. So far, this is the only generic cola that I was actually pleased to drink and I recommend it. I will try to get this America's Choice cola in the cans and give them a try as well.

Canned Beans

I ate this in 2008 when I tried to lose weight. This stuff was nasty by itself. I only ate it once and will never eat it again. I didn't even finished the plate.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Costco's Chicken Caesar Salad

The salad was okay other than too much leaves. I'm not a leaves fan so I threw them out afterwards.