Saturday, August 23, 2014

Combos Cheddar Cheese Cracker Backed Snacks

I got this bag of Combos at the local Walgreens for $2.49 because I was hungry at it says on the bag that its a "perfect hunger management snack", so it was no-brainer for me. I was in a hurry and did not eat anything that day, and something cheap and filling was needed to munch on while I was in the subway. As a matter of fact, these are my favorite Combos compared to other ones that I tried from their lineup: green ones [I think pizza] and red ones [pepperoni?]. These ones taste like crackers and cheese wiz - very tasty and filling. I munched on about half bag and ate the rest later.

Idaho Supreme Mashed Potatoes and Moryachok Herring Fillets with Onions

Bought 2 of these herring fillet packs on clearance on Brighton Beach Avenue for $1.50 each: the expiration day was in the next 6 days, so they set up a table on the street and began pricing them for cheap, and i decided to give it a try. I put the herring fillets in the fridge and remembered about them after 15 days past due the expiration date, so I went to the Deals store and got this box of Idaho Supreme potato flakes. I quickly whipped up the mashed potatoes, with added spices and seasonings of my own. Chopped the onion, and popped-open the pack of herring fillets - they were nice and tasty, and even thought 15 days went past expiration date, they still tasted fine [like new] and had no problems or defects to them. If only these clearance fillets were available for purchase all the time.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Cheese Pizza

Made this pizza couple of hours ago using an 18oz ball of dough that I got at the nearby Italian bakery for $2, about 9.5oz of Rinaldi's pasta sauce [got the jar on sale for $1.00] and cheap store brand of mozzarella cheese. The pizza turned out really good, after 11-13 minutes in the preheated 500-degree oven: sauce and cheese really stood out, but the pizzad dough was a bit burned underneath and could really be better, with more flavor to it. 

Hot and Spicy Ketchup and Pepperoni Rye Sandwiches

Made these sandwiches yesterday, which turned out to be tasty as expected. 4 slices of pepperoni [$1,00 per pack of 21 at the Deals store] meat per slice of bread, but to make it even better, it could've used 6 or even 8 slices! But I was happy with 4 of these sandwiches [another 2 sandwiches I made a bit later].

Dunkin Donuts' Veggie Sausage Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwich

Got this coupon in the 1st week of August in the weekly circular, and decided to use it last week, so I got myself this Veggie Sausage Egg and Cheese croissant sandwich for $1.99+ tax [regular price is $3.49+ tax]. It tasted really good, and I got trough my morning hunger with it, but I don't get where the veggie part of this sandwich is in this sandwich! Where dem veggie kind of tables are?

Edy's Outshine Pineapple Fruit Bars

Got this huge box of 24 [4 boxes, 6 bars per box] Edy's Outsine bars over at Costco for around $8 about 2 months ago. The local supermarkets sell each 6-bar box for $3.99-$4.99, so it was a really good deal at Costco. The pineapple bar, I found to be a bit over sweetened [compared to the FrozFruit bars], but still enjoyable. I only ate 1 of these and did not want any seconds. With FrozFruit, I could've eaten 3-4 of them in one go.

Circle A Ranch Homestyle Meatballs

Got these meatballs at the Deals store for $1.00! Thats about 15 meatballs for only $1.0)! In my opinion, these meatballs taste petty good: they have actuall meat taste to them and are juicy inside. They are my by the Pierre Foods company, that makes other frozen foods that I like. I find them to be somewhat similar to Subway's meatballs.

Domino's Cinna Stix

An enjoyable cinnamon sticks from Domino's, with good amount of cinnamon sugar. I did not liked the sweet dip that came with the sticks, and pretty much ate the sticks all by themselves.

Rosinka Tarhun

Russian store had this 2L bottle of tarhun on sale for $1.49, so I bought it. Its a good tarhun that is pleasant to drink and it has a decent amount of carbonation in it. Its almost as good as Iz Chernogolovki tarhun.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Russian Apple Pancakes

There are apple pieces in the pancake batter, so they are pretty tasty when fresh off the pan.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Phillips Bourbon BBQ Shrimp Flatbread

Got this for $1.29 at the Jack's World store, and its pretty good other than the minuscule amount of shrimps and a hint of cilantro, which I hate. 2 of these make a decent lunch.

Fried Marinated Onions

I had some leftover marinated onions from the batch of kabob meat, so I quickly fried them into a tasty treat.