Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 for $5.00

Got this 5 for $5 plate yesterday and it was okay other than mediocre meatballs and very rough meat pieces [left, top]. Noodles were pretty good, in a cheap way, I like them. Spicy chicken was enjoyable, as well as sesame chicken.

7-Eleven Doritos Loaded Nacho Cheese Nuggets

Its pretty much nuggets that have nacho cheese in them. I tried them once and I like them. Too bad that theres only 4-pack box, because I can eat 12-16 of them.

Mountain Dew Solar Flare

This one is an excellent, refreshing, flavor of Mountain Dew. I tried it pretty much in the first days that it came out, and probably bought around 7-8 of them ever since: the summer promo price for Big Gulps at $0.99 is really convenient. I bought another Solar Flare today and added some extra cherry flavor to it [theres a button for it near the flavor button, on the fountain machine].

Popeyes Raspberry and Cream Cheese Pie

It tasted okay: I tried it at home. I'm pretty sure that it would've tasted better if I'd eaten it right there on the spot [at Popeyes]. It had less flavor than the strawberry and cream pie: that shit was bursting with flavor, compared to this one. I barely tasted any cream cheese in this one.

Edwards Singles Chocolate Creme Pie

Its pretty much the same pie that Burger King sells. I got this one for $1.00 at the Deals store: they had key lime pies, but this chocolate ones, they just got in stock couple of days ago. It tastes great: I ate 2 of these in one go.

Dunkin Donuts Pretzel Twist

I did not liked this one: not fresh and a bit too salty. I bet that it would've tasted much better when the truck brought it to the Dunkin Donuts.

Campbell's Turbo Twists Soup

Easy and tasty soup. I prefer these pouches instead of metal cans, and had to give this one a try. I got it at Deals store for $1.00.

Trop Twister Strawberry Kiwi Cyclone

Pretty good beverage, that is similar in taste to Ssips and Tropical Fantasy kind of cocktails, that come in cardboard juice containers. I got it for $0.50 at the Riteway store.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chocolate Strawberry Vertigo

This one is from 2008 and it tasted very good. I think that I either got it at 2 or 3 candies per $1.00 over at Jack's World, when it was still Jack's 99c World. I bought it together with Jackie Chan's energy tea drink packets.

Sandwich Spread Bagel

I toasted the bagel a bit in the oven, so it was pretty tasty. I found this jar of sandwich spread over at National Wholesale Liquidator store and decided to give it a try. Its pretty much an over-the-counter version of McDonald's Big Mac Sauce. Very handy.

Gypsy Bacon Wrappy Dogs

They turned out to be pretty good, but it could've been better if the bacon was sliced a bit more thinly.

Loop Lemonade Energy Drink

Got it over at Kmart for $1.25. Its pretty much lemonade with energy drink additives in the mix, which make it a bit bitter and not that pleasant. Its a one-time buy for me.

Imperial Garden Hand Rolled Shrimp Egg Roll

Not a lot of shrimps in this one, otherwise its a worthy eat.

C & C Fruit Punch Soda

Got this 2L bottle on sale for $0.88 over at National Wholesale Liquidator store. It tastes generic, with weakish flavor and light carbonation. I prefer Tiki Punch and Tahitian Treat over this one.

Jose Ole Steak and Jalapeno Burrito

Good snack for $1.00 that I enjoyed. I'd rather want it to be in 5oz size than in its current 4oz size.

Bud Light Raz-Ber-Rita

This is one of the best Bud Light Rita's, with other one being Cran-Ber-Rita, in my opinion.

Del Monte Strawberry Fruit Burst

Its pretty much a strawberry sauce in a pouch. Tastes okay, but I'm afraid thats an apple sauce with strawberry taste and red color to it.

Arctic Classic Raspberry Flavored Sherbet

Pretty good stuff for $1.00. I found it at the Deals store, and was cautious about it, but then when I began eating it, it was enjoyable. I ate it within 1 week of purchase.