Thursday, April 2, 2015

Smart Ones Smart Anytime Stone-Fired Crust Pepperoni Pizza

An okay pizza for $2.50 with a blandish crust.

Rum Raisins Hazelnuts Ritter Sport

An excellent tasting chocolate bar for $1.00. The addition of rum makes it even better than your average nuts and raisins chocolate bar.

Haribo Gold-Bears Minis

They are the same thing as regular Gold-Bears but in smaller form.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

BJ's Pulled Pork Slice of Pizza

This was the best food item that I've tried at BJ's: an excellent crisp crust, tasty cheese and yummy topping. The only thing that disappointed me here was the small size of the slice; noticeably smaller than Costco's slice of pizza, but the taste was great. I was tempted to join BJ's just to buy this pizza, but their location is a bit far from me.

BJ's Hot Dog with Relish and Mayo

Pretty good and filling hot dog for $1.49 plus tax over at BJ's. The bun was sweet and the dog was juicy. Their condiments table can use an improvement though.

BJ's Double Twist Churro

Got this churro over at BJ's store 5 months ago when I had promotional 1-day pass to their store. The churro tasted very bland; not sweet and just corny dough. I took couple of bites and threw it out. Maybe they forgot to add sugar to the dough?

Brooklyn Bottling Corp Crystal Light Flavored Seltzer

I found a pack of Crystal Light drink mix in my bag, so I added it to seltzer, which in turn gave some taste to it. Kinda like soda but not really.

Brooklyn Bottling Corp Seltzer

 Got this seltzer at the Riteway store about 5 months ago for $0.49 and it tasted like an average seltzer; I couldn't tell the difference compared to other brands of seltzers.