Sunday, October 26, 2014

Smoked Salmon Lox by Pound

I was at the NetCost Market yesterday and while I was checking out the seafood section, I stumbled upon these pre-packed containers of smoked salmon lox. Low price of just $1.39 per pound [$1.60 per whole container] attracted me to buy it and give it a try. I was fully prepared that these salmon slices would be total rotten crap, and that I would probably throw them out, but after taking a small bite out of slice, it tasted not bad. I downed the first slice and then 3 more with some Portugese bread. The lighter, pink slices taste much better than darker ones and they don't really have off-putting flavor or smell to them, and I found that this salmon was generally enjoyable. I'd rather prefer that all slices be pinkish, but for $1.60 you get what you get, and you can throw it out if you don't like it.  Its not "Grade A" smoked salmon, but for such low price its practically a steal; an excellent value! I will definitely buy more of these pre-packed containers in the future.

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