Thursday, December 22, 2016

Krave Black Cherry Barbecue Seasoned Pork Jerky

Got this pack along with several other flavors of Krave jerky over at Walgreen on their "Last Chance" clearance for $2.79, about 2-3 weeks before 2016 Rio Olympics. The regular price was around $7-$8, so for under $3 for 3.25oz it was a sure-buy for me. The jerky was very enjoyable with softer pork meat [beef jerky has rougher to chew meat, even with the fattier cuts] and the sweet flavor to go along, it was a real pleasure eating this jerky. I loved it, but the only downside is the premium standard price. I've could've ate 2 more packs of these, to a total of 3, in a single snack session.

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  1. Just picked some up this week. 2.50. good work, post more