Saturday, September 20, 2014

Domino's Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes

This is another food item that I always wanted to try but couldn't - Domino's Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes. The price was somewhere between $3.00-$3.69 at the Domino's location in Queens. I hate muffins, cupcakes and brownies, and I always associated this item with a brownie for some reason, but then I heard that these crunch cakes have nothing to do with brownies, and this reinforced my interest in them. The outer part [crust] is reasonably crunchy and chocolatey, maybe like a deep-fried sponge or pound-cakey dough type of thing, while the inner part [lava] taste like pudingy-fudge, which is not too sweet. Overall, I like these crunch cakes and will get some more of them next time I'll stop-by the Domino's.

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