Monday, March 3, 2014

Chicken Taco Po-Flotsky

I had an open box of Mac and Cheese because recently I needed some cheese powder for something that I made which I don't remember, so I took it out of this Mac and Cheese. I also had a pouch of nearly expired taco seasoning from Aldi and some ground chicken in the freezer, so I decided to combine everything together and make "Chicken Taco Po-Flotsky". Po-Flotsky is a Russian maccaroni and ground meat dish supposedly made by the sailors in the sea. Everyone makes different kinds of Po-FLotskys with either chicken, beef, or pork ground meat and crescent-shaped pasta tubes. I pretty much "browned" the ground chicken, drained the juices, added taco seasoning and dried onion bits, stirred, added some water and stirred some more, and then simmered on low heat. I cooked the pasta in plain water and added Knorr cube of bullion for some flavor, drained the water, mixed it with chicken and added some butter. After it cooled down, the result was great. I stored the rest into the fridge and then ate the cold leftover and they were great even when cold. This recipe is sure winner.

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